About Booker Software

Spa and salon management is no walk in the park. With so much for you to do, it can be hard to find all of the time to complete your daily tasks and grow your relationship with your customers. Thankfully, there's a set of tools that can help you make your day to day more manageable. Booker is a set of POS and software tools designed to make the life of spa and salon owners easier.

Booker was founded in 2007. In just 12 short years, Booker has become a leader in spa and salon software and can be found in 73 different countries. Booker has the tools you need to streamline your business and help you grow. And with the Booker Mobile App, you can have access to those tools from anywhere. Ensuring you are connected to your business at all times.

Booker's tools include point of sale, payment processing, online booking, scheduling, marketing network, social promotion, business intelligence dashboard, employee scheduling, customer relationship management, inventory management, custom business reports and much more. Spa and salons of all sizes love Booker because Booker has the tools they need to get big results.

With Booker, they will take care of booking, payment, customer management, and marketing so that you can take care of your customers. If you are looking for tools to make your life as a spa or salon manager easier, Booker is a wonderful option.