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Desiging your Booker Gift Cards

So you're ready to pull the trigger and start designing your Booker Gift Cards.  You know gift cards are going to make you money, and you know you need to get started.  But what the heck do you put on your gift cards?

Well, here's a 3 step system to design your gift cards.  Hopefully it'll answer all your questions.

What should I put on my store’s gift cards?

1. Designing your Booker Gift Cards ~ Simplicity

One of the first things over-eager clients will do, is send me 10 photos and 30 things they want on their gift cards.

Gift cards aren't a brochure, they're just a gift card.  And while they should be something you're proud of, they don't need to carry your business.  Start with a simple design.

For the front of the card:

  • Your logo.  If you have a logo.  If not, the name of your business in a nice font.
  • The words "Gift Card"
  • Some kind of background.  You can do solid colors, but I prefer something with some texture.  Or maybe even a picture of the front of your business?

2. Designing your Booker Gift Cards ~ Make them an extention of your branding

Many gift card places will sell you cards.  They'll print a white card, and slap your logo in the center.  But that doesn't speak to your brand, unless you have a really boring brand.

You want something that matches your colors. But also that speaks to your sense of style.  That's why here at we custom design every card to meet your need.

Our in house designers create thousands of cards every year.  What do you want yours to look like?

3. Protect Yourself

The next biggest issue with gift cards, is how to make sure your business is protected.  With your Booker Gift Cards, cards are worthless until activated.  So you made a good decision to use those.

But there are messages that need to be on the cards, to make sure you don't take any liabilities.  Things like:

  • "Not redeemable for cash."  You don't want to refund cash for gift cards.
  • "We won't replace lost cards." You don't want to keep giving out gift cards to people who lost theirs.
  • "Not used for tips." Some restaurants don't want you tipping with gift cards. This would be for those situations.

These terms are just examples.  We can help you with these types of  problems if you contact us.  That way you can ensure that you're protected, and within your rights.

Designing your Booker Gift Cards

Designing your Booker Gift Cards has never been easier. Order online today, and get 10% off with promo code "BOOKER10" and we'll immediately proof your cards within 1 business day. 

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