Booker Gift Cards - Make More Money!

Ok, so you ordered your Booker gift cards. You've got them.  So what do you do with them?  How do you increase your profits using your Booker gift cards?  There are 3 big ways to make a difference in your Booker gift card sales... Start with:

1.) Booker gift cards - Train your employees

If your sales people don't know how to sell something, they probably won't  So training is paramount.  Maybe even moreso, since gift cards are a serialized product, and not sold the same way as other products.  
Here's an analogy for everybody.  When McDonalds was growing back in the late 70's, they launched an initiative.  They decided they were going to ask every customer who bought a hamburger; "Would you like fries with that?"   Simple question, but the results are astounding.  Statistics vary online, but say that between 66%-80% of people said "yes" when asked if they wanted fries.  All you have to do is ask! So this should be how your sales people ask about gift cards.  "Do you need a gift card with that?" No joke, you'll sell 50 gift cards a week! 
Also, make sure your employees understand the value of gift cards.  If they're working with a customer who's looking for a gift, and can't find the perfect item, tell them to pick up a gift card! This not only solves your customers problem, but gains you a new customer.
If a customer comes in and doesn't have a receipt to return an item, return it for gift card credit!  That way you know the customer will have to spend the money with you, and you don't lose a cent.

2.) Booker Gift Cards - Where do you display them? 

We sell gift cards to a lot of Booker customers.  We also do followup calls to make sure people received their cards, and they're using them.  A major question we get from Booker clients, is "Why isn't anyone buying these?"
So, we flip the question around. "Where are you displaying them?"  Then the client says the cards are in a box in the store room.  When was the last time you bought something at a restaurant or retail store that you couldn't see?  Gift cards should be displayed prominently near your checkout, hostess station, or register.  They should be colorful, and stand out, so people don't walk past them.
Look at major retailers. Walmart, Target, Kohls, even your grocery store. They have gift cards out, where you can see them. They want you to buy them, and they want them to be accessible.  Some dedicate entire end-caps and aisles to them.  You want to sell your Booker gift cards, get them in front of people. 

3.) Booker gift cards - Don't just sell them

So many of my customers sell gift cards.  But that's like buying a laptop to watch movies on.  Sure, a laptop will play movies, but it's so much more than movies!  So is a gift card.  Here are a few ideas for you:
Run promotions. Spend $100, get a $20 gift card. That guarantees they’ll be back shopping again. And research shows the most people spend more than the gift card balance.  
Give cards away. How many people ask you to donate something for a fundraiser every month? Give a gift card. That way their non-profit can raffle it off. You can write off the expense. And you get a new customer!
Hand out $5 gift cards at sporting events.  Give out 1000 of them!  Not all of them will be redeemed, but wouldn't it be worth $5 each to get 1000 people in your business?

Get Booker gift cards working for you.

This is just the beginning of your roadmap to gift card profits.  But it's a good place to start.  Make sure you check back here for more blogs about gift cards!  And feel free to get in touch if you have additional questions!  If yo

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